vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Oh wauw, what a sunny day it was yesterday (still cold tho). I was forced to wear sunglasses and it happens to be that I just received a pair recently (read HERE) from Polette. Speaking about perfect timing, lol. The rest of my outfit is like the most basic -going to school- outfit. I was actualy going to school, I had two classes yesterday. One pretty boring and the other one was fun, it's called social objects. As task, we need to make a blog, fun right?

Are you guys interested in my study or other personal stuff? Let me know in a comment.

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woensdag 28 januari 2015

Ugh, I'm in that stage again where I want something new in my life. Everytime I look in the mirror, I see my boring, black, long hair. Maybe it's the winter that give me that little dip and I think that a new fresh, lighter hairdo will cheer me up. Don't you think? Now, I'm totally not saying that I want something extreme, such as Platina blonde hair or a crazy color, no that's just not me. I want a change that I can enjoy for a very long time and without any regrets afterwards. 

That's how I stumbled upon; Ombré Balayage. It's a subtle ombré mixed with highlights. It's just breathtakingly (is this even a word?) beautiful how something so subtle can change your whole look. Exactly what I need!

I know, if I want to dye my hair, it will cost me a lot of money. That's why I have been watching tutorials on Youtube. But I came to the conclusion that it's too risky, if you don't have any experience. I'm still looking for a affordable way to do it tho.

What do you guys think of this hairdo? Do you know someone who does Ombré Balayage? Let me know in comment.

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maandag 26 januari 2015

Oh waauw! I can't wait for the next issue to come out when I look at these behind the scene pictures!
It was such a succesfull shoot,we shot two different themes/styles. I seriously want to thank the whole crew, from my models to my photographer to my mua! 
You guys ROCK!

If you want to see the whole look, then you will have to wait untill March.

What do you guys think of the shoot? Let me know in a comment.

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zondag 25 januari 2015

What a busy busy weekend I had!
Friday I was drowning in the preparations of Saturday's shoot for the next Aya Lifestyle edition. Has to use items from Supertrash, March 23 and Eleven Paris. Very cool huh?
For the accessories I reached out to my friend Ghislaine, founder/owner of Love & Harmony. She has gorgeous jewelery! Before the shoot I always go through some magazines for inspo.

Yesterday, the shoot went really well! I'm so curious about the result. Tomorrow I will give you guys a little sneak peek/behind the scenes.

What theme do you guys think I used for this shoot? Let me know in a comment.
vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Oh how I love finding new webshops with tons of amazing stuff! It's dangerous but so fun at the same time. That's how I stumbled upon Choies. An online shop with a huge range of clothing, shoes and accessories. Heaven for a fashionista! 

You can shop an entire outfit on just 1 online shop, perfect isn't it? 
Now to help you guys a little, I made a GTL (No, not Gym-Tanning-Laundry *Jersey shore vibe*, but a Get The Look) with Choies items. I wish I could click this outfit right into my closet. Like how AMAZING are those pair of heels?! And that leather jacket? Oh my! 

Which item is your favorite? Would you rock this outfit? Let me know in a comment.
woensdag 21 januari 2015

Hello sweeties!
Let me introduce to you my new babies, a new pair of sunglasses from Polette!
Aren't they gor-to the-geous? I know they are a little special, but hey! That's me. I already own a black pair of sunglasses so why not go a bit extreme with this one? The frame is made out of silver metal and has an anti-reflective and anti-scratching glass. 

Good news for people with glasses. Polette offers a huge range of quality sinlge-vision and progressive lenses, as well as transitional lenses for every possible corrections. In their laboratory opticians take good care of the lenses from their conception to their shipment. That's why the shipment takes up to 10 days. But it was totally worth it!

The purpose of Polette is to allow anyone to afford style and quality. That's what I stand for, also on my blog. Style and quality doesn't have to be expensive. Polette has a huge variety of designs, from retro and vintage designs to classic to eccentric, for every taste. Offering frames from $9.99 to $49.99 and lensen from $9.99 to $89.99. 

Can you live without sunglasses? Which one is your favorite from Polette? Let me know in a comment.

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maandag 19 januari 2015

Bonjour loves!
I got the whole outfit for you today. After a month of stressing, I finally found some time to breath. Now I have to focuss on the upcoming shoot for Aya Lifestyle Magazine. That's going to be fun! I love doing shoots. This time I wouldn't be modelling but I will style my two beautiful models. Can't wait!

About the outfit, I'm wearing my DIY Clutch together with my camel coat. This outfit wouldn't be me without some edgyness. Ripped jeans and Dr. Martens? Perfect combo!

Do you have a fun or perfect combo, that you always like to wear? Let me know in a comment.

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vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Hello there beautiful souls!

Today I have my last exam *Yaaaaaay*! Finally some time to relax and of course to do some sale shopping. That's why I have made a little wishlist.
My leather jacket has started to show 'dead' signs. In need of a replacement because I can't live with my leather jacket. Also a black, highwaisted jeans is a must! Mine are all ripped so I need a basic one. I saw this one on the H&M webshop but everytime I go to the shop I don't find a highwaisted jeans. *bummmmmer* Pleaseeeee let me find you this time?! Another basic item that I seriously need is a warm, oversized, dark grey sweater. The other items would be nice to find them for a good price. 
And laast but deffooo not least, a new iPhone. I'm sick and tired of the iPhone I have now. It still works perfectly, but me as a photography lover, I haaaate this iPhone 4 camera. It sucks big time. Oh well, hopefully everything will come my way! 
woensdag 14 januari 2015

Hi babes!
I have another DIY for you guys, I always have fun making all these DIY's. When I was visiting my family in Holland they treated us with some Ferrero Rocher chocolats. Yummmm! But when I got the last chocolat out of the Ferrero Rocher box my cousin wanted to throw the box away, I stopped him on time because I saw a beautiful clear clutch in it. (Am I weird?)
Anyways, I emptied the whole box cleaned it up.  And there it was, my new beautiful clear clutch. You can do everything with it. Get creative!

What do you guys think of this DIY? Would you make it? (Another reason to eat a box of chocolat, guilty pleasure!)

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maandag 12 januari 2015

I'm here again, with the full outfit! 
I bought these Zara trousers in Morocco for 2 euros (this is not a lie!). I found it on a second hand market where they sell stuff like sneakers, boots and clothes. I obviously couldn't leave these trousers at the market. 

'Anyhow, I'm still in my exam period. I still got 3 exams to go. So wish me luck sweeties!'

Do you guys have an item hanging in your closet that has a nice or special story? Let me know in a comment, I would love to read your story.

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vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Hello sweeties!

Have I already told you guys that I'm a shoe-addict, eumm plenty of times I guess (oops). BN Fashionstore knew this and send me these pair of boots. (Happy girl!) They came perfectly on time for the cold winterdays. BN Fashionstore also have other great items that are super affordable! 

Website: http://www.bnfashionstore.nl/

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woensdag 7 januari 2015

Another beauty post for my lovely readers.
I got these 2 beauties for my birthday from my sister-in-law. (Thanks again!) Since I got them I can't top wearing the lipstick. I'm more of a lipstick person because I have long hair and everytime I wear lipgloss my hair gets stuck on my lips. Super annoying of course. But when I wear my hair up, I love to wear a lipgloss from time to time. 

My sister-in-law gave me the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine n°7 and the Dior Addict Gloss 267 nuit de Juin

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maandag 5 januari 2015

Well hello there cuties!

Have you guys missed my outfit posts? (Please say yes, lol). I scored this oversized knitted sweater at H&M for only 10 euros. Yes 10 freaking euros! The sale has just started but I love to shop right before it begins or right after it ends. Does that sound weird? Or are there others who does the same thing?

Anyhow, I paired this knit with a light, ripped jeans that I bought 2 years ago. I just can't get rid of it. I always have that problem with my favorite items. Sometimes they become to small or they rip (not the good way tho). Even then I still keep them. Bad habit, I guess. Talking about bad habits, I can't stop buying shoes! What's wrong with me? I just bought these new Dr. Martens boots when I was in Brussels. But seriously, they are so comfy and warm. Approved! 

Another thing, am I the only one that loves to wear sunglasses in the winter? Let me know in a comment below.

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zondag 4 januari 2015

Hi there!

How are you guys doing? Did everybody have a nice vacay? 
I did. I was so sick of studying that I packed my bags and went to Brussels with my cousins to stay there for 3 days during NYE. It was so much fun, we need to do it again!

For today I have a little sneak peek of my outfit for tomorrow's post. What shoes do you think I'm wearing? 

Let me know in a comment below.

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