woensdag 30 april 2014
Hello loves,
Today I went shopping with my love Radia, but unfortunately we didn't found the perfect dress for her event. Hope she does find one before Sunday because then it's her party. I'm soooo excited and I hope to meet a few of my readers.

About today's outfit. I put on my sneaker wedges that I have never worn before. I don't even know why. This jeans, I don't know if I can call it a boyfriend jeans or just a loose fitted jeans. You tell me!

Hi beauties,
I'm here again with a quick outfit post. I just wanted to show you an other new item that I bought. This Mango trenchcoat. It's not really a trenchcoat but it does remind me of the H&M trenchcoat that everybody is wearing atm. I'm happy I found this one. It has short sleeves and has a special belt. That what I love about it. And oh yeah before I forget, what do you guys think of this edgy hairstyle? Don't I look like a scorpio, lol! Love it.

(Pictures taken with iPhone, don't mind the bad quality)

donderdag 17 april 2014
The name says it all! Loavies, I absolutely LOVE every item in the webshop. It was so hard to pick out the items. I was scrolling through the webshop for days but finally I made a decision! I picked out these three items; a bracelet, earrings and last but defffo not last 'the Chanel dupe boy bag'. This bag was the first thing that I wanted to have. It's big enough to fit all my stuff but small enough to take with you on the go. The second item I chose was the circle bracelet (also available in gold). I love the simplicity of the bracelet. Too bad that the bracelet is a little too big for me. But I love how it fits. The third item are earrings. How cool are these gold triangle earrings? Pretty cool huh!

I'm very happy with my items! The service is super great at Loavies. I placed my order yesterday and got my items this morning. If I have to describe Loavies in three words I would deffo say; Fashionable, fast and great service!

Webshop: Loavies
Instagram: Loavies
Facebook: Loavies

(How cute is this thank you-card?)

I bought these pants in the winter sale (remember the shoplog I did?) back then I still didn't know how to style them but they were so cheap that I couldn't let them. Now I found out how to style them. This one is more relaxed/chilled out look. The Vans give the pants a sporty touch, while the blazer keeps this look feminin. Just the way I like it!

(Quick pictures taken with my iPhone)

woensdag 9 april 2014

First of all, we love your blog IAMYASS. It's always nice to see young women achieve awesomness.

So let's talk about Rirocha now! Rirocha is a new fashionbrand from the fashioncity of Antwerp with an online shop.

We are a feelgood brand and our company slogan is "Yes, you are pretty so let's Rirocha", we say it like that because we believe self-acceptance is the key to succes and happiness. And with Rirocha we want you to achieve happiness,  either by finding that one necklace you were looking for because you need to look gorgeous for a BBQ or happiness because you just made an awesome deal on our website.

We would like to say we're different from others because of the fact we are very focussed on the happiness of our customers. We don't only offer really pretty products but we also provide you with interesting texts from our fashionbloggers we collaborate with.

Obviously we are also veryvery active on social media. Honestly everybody in team Rirocha is obsessed with social media and we made from our hobby/obsession our job. You can find us on FB: Rirocha, on Instagram: @Rirochafashion and on Twitter: @Rirochafashion

Written by Rirocha

Today I received a fun package. When I came home from school, I saw the package on the table. First I didn't think it was for me but when I took a closer look I saw my name written on the package. A big smile appeared on my face and I couldn't wait to open up the package. There it was, this beautiful necklace with little green beads. Love the detail of this necklace. You should all take a look at their webshop!

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