zaterdag 30 november 2013
Hi there cuties!
I'm back with a DIY post. 
It's a quick and easy one to make (did it actually right before I went to work).
And for the ripped jeans check out a few posts below. When I have the time I will hopefully make an tutorial about that too.

Follow these steps below (the pictures aren't supahdupah, took them with my iPhone)

woensdag 27 november 2013
Hi there lovely readers.
As you know I'm not a huge fan of make-up. But I wanted to experiment a little bit with some make-up of my sister. I don't own any make-up except for BB-cream from garnier (Am I weird now?).

Anywhooooo here is the result!

(I used a white eyeliner from Essence, a red lipstick from Miss Helen, a eyebrow gel as mascara (sound weird I know but my eyelashes are dark and curly enough without any mascara) from Hema and Self bronzing cream from Kruidvat (no foundation and no filter on the pictures))

And oh, sorry on the overdose of selfies!

woensdag 20 november 2013
Hi you!

I told you guys last week about this new thing and yesssss I found someone who wanted to be featured on my blog.

That person is my beautiful friend Ghislaine. People from Belgium will know her from her jewelry brand 'Love and harmony Bracelets'. Not only is she gorgeous but she's one of my closest friends. And I was very happy when she wanted to take part of this. Her look is just perfectly! Little Tomboy-ish with a touch of class. 

Enough talking here is the beautiful Ghislaine!

visit her instagram

maandag 18 november 2013
Hello pretty people!
Today something totalllllly new for me. A beauty post! I don't do this very often just because I don't wear any make-up. Sometimes I just put on some BB cream from garnier or Self bronzing cream from Kruidvat.

But when it comes to my hair I have to put some care in it. 

The first product I use is 100% Pure Coconut Oil. It is the BEST product ever made! My hair just doesn't stop growing! 

The method: I take one teaspoon of the oil. It is hard at room temperature so you have to melt it 'au bain marie'. After you melted the oil, you just part your hair in two (make sure to wear an old t-shirt) and smear it on your hair. Make sure to put more oil on your split/hair ends. Leave it on for one night and rinse it out the next morning make sure to use good shampoo and conditioner. (I bought this product in a shop called Beauty world based in Antwerp - price €4,95)

zaterdag 16 november 2013
Hello there pretty person reading this!

For me it was a lazy Saturday instead of a lazy Sunday. I was going to do my hair but pff I was too lazy (and I have so much hair). But for an outfit I will get out of my bed (and often the inspiration comes when I'm lying in my sweet, warm bed).

Today's outfit post I just an outfit I always wanted to wear outside but I just don't haha. It a bit too much for the people here in my town. 

maandag 11 november 2013
Hi cuties!

I wanted something new for my blog. When I open my Instagram I see a lot of inspiring (non)bloggers that I just want to point out. Therefor this new thing. I will try to point out every week a new (non)blogger. So I can share my inspiration with you guys. 

To start this thing of I chose my sister. You already saw her on my blog with the 'styling post' but I'm not always the one who pick out her clothes. Here's an outfit that she picked out herself and that I find absolutely gorgeous!

donderdag 7 november 2013
Hi there, yes you behind your computer/smartphone/iPad/Laptop (ok enough! I have your attention now haha).

I'm back with a new outfit post! This one is actually very special because I created this look for a contest that is going on on Instagram (don't forget to follow me for more pictures). I hope to win because the price is ABSOLUTELY what I need! If you want to know more about this contest check out COTTDS for more. 

Enough Blablabla, more pictures!

zaterdag 2 november 2013
Hi cuties!
I'm just going to show you guys my outfit of yesterday. The skirt isn't really a skirt it's a dress but the top of the dress is to ugly so I've put on my Trill sweater to give my it a Tomboy-ish look.
Finished it off with my leather jacket and some black boots.

Feel free to give me some feedback or question are also very welcome!

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