zondag 29 december 2013
Today I took a day off studying (already sick and tired of it, uggghh). I decided to take some outfit pictures with my new jeans from Primark. They fit perfectly! I was scared because almost every jeans I buy is either too small or too big because of my pear shaped body. And *confession* I didn't fit the jeans at Primark because I hate waiting! 

Enjoy and get inspired!

maandag 23 december 2013
Hi cuties!
I'm back but probably wont stay long because I have my exams in two weeks so I'll be studying a loooot. Follow me on Instagram to keep you updated (www.instagram.com/iamyasssss).

Any who, yesterday we had a nice family diner at our place. It was a nice and cozy evening filled with joy and laughter. I recently bought some new shoes that I wore yesterday for €24. Paired it with an all black outfit (that was kinda the dresscode for yesterday's diner haha). 

Enjoy the moments with your beloved ones!

donderdag 12 december 2013
Hi my sweethearts!

I found a new, inspiring, gorgeous lady who wanted to take part of this. The beautiful Oumayma from The Fashion District! Oh how she inspires my, can't describe it! She has this beautiful monochrome style that I love so much, her pictures and outfits are perfect to me!
The sweet Oumayma wanted to take pictures for me in this 'wauw'-outfit. The edgyness with the leather pants but a touch of sweetness with the pink fluffy coat. Perfect combo!


dinsdag 10 december 2013
Hello there you pretty follower!

Today I met up with a friend to shoot some outfit pictures. Thank you for that my love (I hope you're reading this Ghislaine!). I had two presentations today for school. They turned out perfectly, the teachers didn't have questions or remarks what is good news for us (it was a group project). 

About the outfit, I wore a simple jeans with a Moroccan inspired Kaftan belt. A sweater with an Eagle on it (very tribal) goes perfect with my new hat! To finish it of I wore a sheer shirt on top of that sweater. Just to give it something extra.

maandag 9 december 2013
Hi pretty people!

I was searching for the perfect hat for a while and FINALLYYY found one! This Fedora hat with a small blue, aztek-ish, detail from Forever 21. I was first doubting about buying it or not but this saturday I went back to F21 and this hat was the last and it fitted me perfectly! It was a sign! I'm happy I bought it. 

Today's outfit was very simple and warm. Perfect for a schoolday. 

Pictures are taken with selftimer (quality is not 100%) sorry!

zondag 8 december 2013
Hi there lovely readers!

I'm so sorry I didn't post something lately! Can you all forgive me please?

And luckily I've found someone to be featured on my blog! The beautiful iRadia known from her blog www.iRadia.be (deffffoo check out!). 
She put this amazing, edgy outfit together for me. And yes indeed even Hijabistas inspire me a lot! 

Enjoy her outfit and please don't hesistate to send me an e-mail if you want to be featured on iamyass!

zaterdag 30 november 2013
Hi there cuties!
I'm back with a DIY post. 
It's a quick and easy one to make (did it actually right before I went to work).
And for the ripped jeans check out a few posts below. When I have the time I will hopefully make an tutorial about that too.

Follow these steps below (the pictures aren't supahdupah, took them with my iPhone)

woensdag 27 november 2013
Hi there lovely readers.
As you know I'm not a huge fan of make-up. But I wanted to experiment a little bit with some make-up of my sister. I don't own any make-up except for BB-cream from garnier (Am I weird now?).

Anywhooooo here is the result!

(I used a white eyeliner from Essence, a red lipstick from Miss Helen, a eyebrow gel as mascara (sound weird I know but my eyelashes are dark and curly enough without any mascara) from Hema and Self bronzing cream from Kruidvat (no foundation and no filter on the pictures))

And oh, sorry on the overdose of selfies!

woensdag 20 november 2013
Hi you!

I told you guys last week about this new thing and yesssss I found someone who wanted to be featured on my blog.

That person is my beautiful friend Ghislaine. People from Belgium will know her from her jewelry brand 'Love and harmony Bracelets'. Not only is she gorgeous but she's one of my closest friends. And I was very happy when she wanted to take part of this. Her look is just perfectly! Little Tomboy-ish with a touch of class. 

Enough talking here is the beautiful Ghislaine!

visit her instagram

maandag 18 november 2013
Hello pretty people!
Today something totalllllly new for me. A beauty post! I don't do this very often just because I don't wear any make-up. Sometimes I just put on some BB cream from garnier or Self bronzing cream from Kruidvat.

But when it comes to my hair I have to put some care in it. 

The first product I use is 100% Pure Coconut Oil. It is the BEST product ever made! My hair just doesn't stop growing! 

The method: I take one teaspoon of the oil. It is hard at room temperature so you have to melt it 'au bain marie'. After you melted the oil, you just part your hair in two (make sure to wear an old t-shirt) and smear it on your hair. Make sure to put more oil on your split/hair ends. Leave it on for one night and rinse it out the next morning make sure to use good shampoo and conditioner. (I bought this product in a shop called Beauty world based in Antwerp - price €4,95)

zaterdag 16 november 2013
Hello there pretty person reading this!

For me it was a lazy Saturday instead of a lazy Sunday. I was going to do my hair but pff I was too lazy (and I have so much hair). But for an outfit I will get out of my bed (and often the inspiration comes when I'm lying in my sweet, warm bed).

Today's outfit post I just an outfit I always wanted to wear outside but I just don't haha. It a bit too much for the people here in my town. 

maandag 11 november 2013
Hi cuties!

I wanted something new for my blog. When I open my Instagram I see a lot of inspiring (non)bloggers that I just want to point out. Therefor this new thing. I will try to point out every week a new (non)blogger. So I can share my inspiration with you guys. 

To start this thing of I chose my sister. You already saw her on my blog with the 'styling post' but I'm not always the one who pick out her clothes. Here's an outfit that she picked out herself and that I find absolutely gorgeous!

donderdag 7 november 2013
Hi there, yes you behind your computer/smartphone/iPad/Laptop (ok enough! I have your attention now haha).

I'm back with a new outfit post! This one is actually very special because I created this look for a contest that is going on on Instagram (don't forget to follow me for more pictures). I hope to win because the price is ABSOLUTELY what I need! If you want to know more about this contest check out COTTDS for more. 

Enough Blablabla, more pictures!

zaterdag 2 november 2013
Hi cuties!
I'm just going to show you guys my outfit of yesterday. The skirt isn't really a skirt it's a dress but the top of the dress is to ugly so I've put on my Trill sweater to give my it a Tomboy-ish look.
Finished it off with my leather jacket and some black boots.

Feel free to give me some feedback or question are also very welcome!

donderdag 24 oktober 2013
Hi babes and gents!

Today, after school, I went to my favorite thriftshop in Antwerp.

And yeeeess! I scored myself a gorgeous Moschino shoulderbag. (I'm typing this with a huuuge smile on my face!)

Back to the outfit. Normally an 'all white'-outfit is more a thing for the summer, but hey 'I am Yass' and I wear 'all white' in Autumn!

Some quick shots taken at home. (Sorry for the bad quality, they are taken with 'Selftimer'.

maandag 21 oktober 2013
Hi sweet readers.
First I would love to thank the readers and the followers on the social media for believing in my dreams. 

I had some doubts about stopping the blog. I had the feeling that nobody was really supporting me in this, but after all it is my dream and I'm the only one who has to follow them (of course with the help of my true followers). 

I made some quick shot at my home just to keep you guys inspired!

xoxo iamyass

vrijdag 27 september 2013
Did you guys miss me? Well no worries because I'm back with a new outfit post!

The weather is lovely in Belgium. (I love this kind of weather-not too warm but also not too cold). My outfit is a comfy, chic and casual fall look.

I found this long blazer coat in my stepmothers closet and I totally fell in love with it. Stole the tartan printed shirt from my brother. (Again I'm sorry bro!)

maandag 23 september 2013
Olaa sweet readers!

The temperatures in Belgium are playing games with us. One day it's cold and the other day it's warm again. Very confusing but luckily today was a warm day!

I'm so tired, it was such a long day at school! But hey you must do everything for a good future.

My outfit was relaxed today. The scarf I wore as a coat is soooo soft! Detailed it with my vintage golden chain belt. Kept all the rest black and simple.

dinsdag 17 september 2013
And she is back!
Yess with a new outfit post.

I don't have much to say about this outfit post. I just woke up and pictured that outfit in my head. (And finally the weather was good enough for this outfit)

I wore my faux-fur coat (soft and waaaaarm!) with a sheer shirt underneath. It was an easy outfit because that evening we had a marriage and I was the one who had to take all the pictures. 

Et voila, Le outfit was born again!

dinsdag 10 september 2013
Back with a quick outfit post just to keep my readers happy!

It's a bit cold and rainy in Belgium (goodbye summer *sad face*) so perfect weather for my Jeffrey campbell look-a-likes. 
Goes perfectly with my long black dress and so I won't get cold I've put on my mintgreen sweater (the color gives me a little summerfeeling *happy face*). 

Thadaa ready to walk fabulous in the rain!

donderdag 29 augustus 2013
Bonjour lovers!

I'm back with a new outfit post.

I'm now totally unexpected making T-shirts and selling them. 
The 'Dior, not war' tee is one of them.

I styled the self made statement tee with my white pants from H&M (€20) and the Steve madden look-a-like sneaker wedges (€25). The black leather jacket finished the whole outfit and by putting on some golden accessories it gave my simple outfit an whole other look. 

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013
Hello loves!

It's a beautiful day today and so was yesterday.
First I had put on a pair of jeans but it was waaay too hot so I changed the jeans for my tube skirt (that I have styled many times). 
You can wear that skirt with almost everything (from classy to sporty).

Yesterday I went for the sporty look, took my black pair of Vans put a loose Ruffled T-shirt on top. Et voila; the sporty look!

zondag 25 augustus 2013
Bonjour lovely readers!

Yesterday I was home alone I and was bored to death! 
So what does Yasmine do when she is bored? Exactly, styling people!

Like I said I was home alone and normally I style my sweet sister but she is still in Morocco, Saidia enjoying life (I miss it sooo much).
That means I had nobody to style but Me, Myself and I.

I turned my boring jeans into a ripped jeans (like you can see on the picture below)
vrijdag 23 augustus 2013
Gooood day my sweet readers!

I know I haven't posted for a while now,
But if you got Instagram or Facebook you should deffffff follow me (I might follow you back)

Instagram: YASSGHER 
Facebook: I AM YASS 

I will show you guys who do not follow me what they are missing haha!

My look from the past week

zaterdag 17 augustus 2013
Hello lovely readers,
I'm finally back in Belgium and of course finally back on IAMYASS!

Today's look was Edgy (with the boots) but still chic (with the bodycon dress). 

Showed my Ankle Henna tattoo by wearing the boot a little loose and finished the outfit with golden accessories. 

Get inspired!


vrijdag 26 juli 2013
Hello cupcakes,

I'm back with a quick outfit post for a night out with my lovely cousin.

I chose to wear my tube skirt with a selfmade Tee. 
I finished my outfit with my white jelly sandals and the vintage bag that i adore.

For the accesories I chose to wear my silver watch with some armcandy to go with. 

Much love, IAMYASS
woensdag 24 juli 2013
Goodnight sweet readers,
Just came back from an amazing night at Wapa Beach.

I wore my white pants with a red sheershirt (that I borrowed from my lovely cousin Yosra).
Finished it up with some gold accessories and a red Love and Harmony bracelet.

I took my vintage purse that I'm totalllyyyy in love with (it just goes with every outfit!). And some red sandals. 

Another outfit was born! 

Get inspired xoxo

zaterdag 6 juli 2013
Bonjour sweet readers, I have been away  for a while now. 
It's because I'm in sunny Morocco!

I just want to say that I will become a mobile blogger for the time that I'm in Morocco.
It's much easier for me to keep my blog alive.

Enough talking now time to show you guys my travel outfit.

I chose an All white outfit, perfect for sunny Morocco. 

dinsdag 25 juni 2013
Hello sweet readers!
I know it's been a while but I'm back.. And I'm coming back hard with a new Styling post.

My sweet little sister was my model again, I simply love photography (I am saving for a new professional camera).

Today I dressed her up with my new Tuxedo Sweatpants.
I styled those pants with a classy Peplum (Borrowed it from my sister-in-law) and some fancy Heels.
To finish the outfit I kinda stole the Nike Cap from my brother (I'm sorry big bro), it gave that extra sporty look.

woensdag 19 juni 2013
This post is two in one! 
It's a DIY and Styling post.

The jeansshort is made of an old jeans.
It was already bleached so that was perfect!

the jeans before my work

After the DIY I styled the shorts and used my pretty sister as a model!

The jeans after my work

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