zondag 12 juli 2015

It's that time of the year again. In a few days I'll be leaving Belgium for almost a month. You can probably already guess it where I'll be going. Yes! Morocco, here I come. As every year me and my family go to our little house in Saidia, Morocco. Saidia is a little town with the most beautiful beach of Morocco (I think). If there is a beach than there are beach essentials. Everybody has it's own beach essentials, so do I (obviously!). Curious what mine are?

woensdag 24 juni 2015

If you're a true fashionista (I'm sure, you are!) then you'll know that the Boho/70s trend is the to-go trend for this season. But it can be hard to find a good item that is on trend but still unique. People nowadays run around in the same items, too bad right? That's why I love to shop online. There are so many refreshing online shops with unique items. Style moi is one of them. To help you guys, I've listed my favorite Boho/70s style items. 

Curious? Take a look!
zondag 14 juni 2015

If you've read me post about my personal update, you will know that I have been away for quite a while (read ages) but that doesn't mean I have been laying down, doing nothing! No, no, no! This girl right here was working on two other blogs for school. I taught it will be cool to show you my other blogs. You guys want to know the story behind my grey hair look?

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Aaaah! The sun makes me so happy! You know what makes me even more happier? Yep, pretty nailpolish. I received these two summer colours from Global Image, thank u guys, but whoaah; How pretty are these? ProNails is a Belgian brand who specializes in hand, nail and feet care. You can't buy ProNails in regular drugstores, only in nailsalons. That's what makes it unique, I guess. When you apply this nailpolish, you immediately feel the quality. I've tested the nailpolishes and they stayed on quite a while. SCORE! Want to know more about them?

woensdag 10 juni 2015

Yes, I'm still alive (for the ones who were worried about me,lol)! But I have a lot of explaining to do. Let me start by saying why I was MIA for so long. This time it wasn't just  little 'bloggers dip', it was a bigger issue (don't know if I can call it an issue tho). I took a lot of pictures and even editting wasn't the problem. But every time I sat behind my laptop, NOTHING came out of my little hands. My inspiration was blocked, totally blocked. Not even a word! Then I was thinking; why not post the outfits without text? So I started selecting photos. The second issue occured. I was not pleased with what I saw, I looked fat. There goes my self esteem! This might sound drastic/dramatic but as a blogger, you really need to be pleased with how you look. No, we are not narcissistic but if you haved to look at your pictures/body multiple hours a day, you need to be happy. I guess I wasn't anymore so the photos didn't make the cut. After struggling a lot, I finally wanted to shoot again and my inspiration came back, thank God! But the latest issue popped out; my exams.. Man, I had no life for almost 3 weeks. So happy that Monday was my last one, which means..BACK TO BLOGGING! I never realised that I would miss it so hard. But I took a break and it felt good. I'm sorry if I let my readers down for not posting, but I will make it up to you. How? 

vrijdag 17 april 2015

Another 'What's in the goodiebag?' post for you guys. This time a very sporty and full goodiebag or shall I say Backpack. Yes this time the bag was really a backpack from Burton. How cool is that? To clear things up for you guys, I was invited for e presslunch at Motions showroom. They have cool, sporty brands like Burton, Mizu and Glide Soul. It gave me an instant feeling to go on a surfcation. Let me tell you about what is in the goodiebag. A lot of lookbooks, of course. But that not it! We got a fisheye-lens for smartphones, a drink tube to keep your drinks cool during summer, a waterbottle and a hat. Jep, we got a little spoiled. Thank you Feinest Labels for inviting me!

Have you ever been on a surfcation?

more pictures after the jump

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