woensdag 10 juni 2015

Yes, I'm still alive (for the ones who were worried about me,lol)! But I have a lot of explaining to do. Let me start by saying why I was MIA for so long. This time it wasn't just  little 'bloggers dip', it was a bigger issue (don't know if I can call it an issue tho). I took a lot of pictures and even editting wasn't the problem. But every time I sat behind my laptop, NOTHING came out of my little hands. My inspiration was blocked, totally blocked. Not even a word! Then I was thinking; why not post the outfits without text? So I started selecting photos. The second issue occured. I was not pleased with what I saw, I looked fat. There goes my self esteem! This might sound drastic/dramatic but as a blogger, you really need to be pleased with how you look. No, we are not narcissistic but if you haved to look at your pictures/body multiple hours a day, you need to be happy. I guess I wasn't anymore so the photos didn't make the cut. After struggling a lot, I finally wanted to shoot again and my inspiration came back, thank God! But the latest issue popped out; my exams.. Man, I had no life for almost 3 weeks. So happy that Monday was my last one, which means..BACK TO BLOGGING! I never realised that I would miss it so hard. But I took a break and it felt good. I'm sorry if I let my readers down for not posting, but I will make it up to you. How? 

Let's start with a new outfit! I've received this beautiful necklace and pretty long shirt from STYLE MOI. I fell immediately in love, it's perfectly modest and easy to combine. My choice was this new army green jeans from Supertrash that I've 'Yassified'. Yep, hello ripped jeans! Oh and before I forget, what do you think about my new bag from Paul's Boutique
Eyecatcher? CHECK! 
Room for my mess? CHECK!

WEARING// Jeans Supertrash - Shoes Adidas - Shirt HERE - Necklace HERE - Sunglasses Polette - Bag Paul's Boutique

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Never EVER think you're fat / not beautiful! Ever!
    Great outfit! 👯

  2. thank u babe and I promise I will get over it! 😘

  3. Begrijpelijk hoor. Ik heb ook soms van die momenten. Vooral met examens inderdaad en na of in de vakantie. Ik ben benieuwd hoe ik dat in de zomer ga doen. Ps. geweldige outfit!

  4. Ja ik denk dat het ergens ook door de stress komt en alles wat er bij komt kijken. But we deserve a break too, right?
    Thank u babe xo


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