woensdag 1 april 2015

Howdy, cowgirls (maybe some boys too). I though I should greet y'all like that because I get an instant Cowgirl/farmer chickie vibe when I look at this outfit. Don't you think? The two little side braids with the plaid shirt tucked in. The only thing missing is my horse, lol. I should maybe ditch the heels too, if I had one tho. Which is not the case so my sweet babies stay on my feet. Wow, my imagination is on point today. Come back to earth Yasmine! (Are there even horses in space?)
I don't even know what I'm saying anymore, I should probably get some sleep. Which has probably left to space too, where ya at sleep? This wintertime-summertime change has ruined my sleeping patern. Never mind, just enjoy my outfit post and remember to stay positive and inspired!

How is your sleeping patern? And what do you think about the braids/hairdo?

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Wearing: Jeans New Look - Shirt H&M - Blazer United colors of Benetton - Hat Forever 21 - Shoes Bershka

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