vrijdag 27 februari 2015

I've got a little shoplooooog for u guys todaaay (I'm actually singing this part with a terible voice). It's a mini shoplog because I only needed some make-up that I was running out on. My foundation was pretty much empty and my concealer too. My mascara was dry so that means a new one. As I like to try out new stuff I went for these 4 products. 

Do you want to see a review on these products? Let me know in a comment below.

more pictures after the jump

  •  Essence - All about matt foundation in 20 matt nude

First the foundation. It's an oil free, matt foundation with high coverage. I would not recommend you this foundation if you have a dry skin. I don't have a very grease nor dry skin so this one is actually pretty good for me. It has a simple opening where you squeeze out a little amount of foundation. 
Price/3,59 euros
  • Essence - All about matt high covering concealer in 20 matt nude

The concealer, also from the same line. This one is also matt and oil free. So like I said before, don't buy it if you have a dry skin. This tube is also very handy and has a long and small opening, perfect for under the eyes.
Price/1,99 euros

  • Catrice Eyebrow lifter crayon

Now the product that I'm suuuper excited about. The eyebrow lifter from Catrice. It's a crayon that you use under your eyebrow to lift it up (duh!). I'm not going to tell u a lot now because I want to write a review on this one and how I use it. (If you have some suggestion on how you want the review to be don't hesistate on telling me).
Price/3,39 euros

  • Essence I heart Extreme mascara
And last but not least, the mascara from Essence. It's a basic mascara but with a fine brush. The brush has little hairs so perfect to create volume!
Price/2,89 euros

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb zoveel goede verhalen gehoord over de Essence all about matt, maar elke keer als ik in de kruidvat loop is die uitverkocht. ;(

  2. Will have to try out the concealer!

    xx naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

  3. Worth the try! Especially for that price xo


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