zondag 8 februari 2015

Yes, I know, I'm sorry for not posting on Friday but I got a legit excuse! My stepmom is in Morocco so I got to take care of my little sister, she 5 years old so she still needs some attention and care. That's why I didn't have the time to post something but I will totally make it up to you guys today with this little lip tutorial on how to get the 'fuller lips'-effect (or better known as the Kylie Jenner lips). The only thing you need is a lipliner and some lips (duuuh). You can always add some lipstick if you want to.

Do you guys love this 'fuller lip'-effect? Let me know in a comment.

more pictures after the jump

Let's start with the tutorial. To get the best result, start with scrubbing your lips and put some lipbalm to nurish them. After that you make the lips neutral by putting some foundation over it. This way the lipcolor gets the best effect. 

After you've done the first step, you choose a lipliner. I've used 05 Soft Berry from Essence.

Now the most important part of the tutorial. To get this 'fuller lip'-effect, you need to draw a straight line where you normally would follow the lines of your cupid bow. That's my trick to get a fuller lip!
After you've drawn your 'cupid bow', you define your outer corners of your lips and your bottom lip.

You can now take the same lipliner or use another, lighter one to color the lips in. This will give your lips more dimension. 

If you like the Matt-effect, you can leave your lips like this. If not you can still add some lipstick.

Just to show you guys the effect with lipstick on, I added this step; I personally like my lips Matt.

Here I've used my Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in the Color Rouge Volupté Shine n°7. Just color your lips in like you would normally do.

Et voila! The result; fuller lips without any botox! I'm always very curious, so if you've tried my liptutorial you can always tag me on Instagram; @iamyasssss!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Duidelijke review! Ik ben zelf niet echt een fan van de trend. Maar het staat je goed.

  2. Dankjewel! Ja begrijp ik, dit is ook zeker geen every day look hihi xoxo


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