maandag 1 december 2014

Hi loves!
For the first time ever I'm going to write a review about these new make-up brushes I bought. I wasn't looking for w7 brushes at all. But when I went to Antwerp to look for hairclips in the 'Alles voor 1 euro'-shop (a shop where almost everything costs 1 euro). When I saw these brushes for 1,50 euro, I couldn't resist. I immediately threw them in my basket (not really tho, because there was no basket). I was doubting if I should review them or not. I always love reading reviews on other blogs so my decision was quickly made. 

Do you guys love reading reviews? Should I do more reviews on my blog? Let me know in a comment.

More pictures and information after the jump

The brushes come in a useful plastic package. You don't need any scissors to open the package because it has an opening in the back. The names and numbers of the brushes are written on the front of the package and on the back you have a little text with how/for what you need to use the brushes. Very nice detail I think!

I've bought the Smudger brush, the eye shadow brush 01 and the eye shadow brush 04.
All the brushes have a wooden detail. Very beautiful when you put them all together in a vase.

Eye shadow brush 04

This brush has round, fluffy synthetic hairs. 

  • This brush is designed to apply eye shadow colour. It is also great for blending harsh edges around the eye.

Smudger brush

This brush has a pink/nude side and a white side.

  • Made of foam and is ideal to blur eye shadow on the eyelid and under the eyebrow. After application, tone down your colours with light touches, working from the inside to the outside.

Eye shadow brush 01

This brush has flat, rounded synthetic hairs.

  • This brush is designed to apply eye shadow colour. It is also great for blending harsh edges around the eye.

Here I've made an eye look with the brushes.

Used products

  • Golden Rose Quattro Eye shadow palet 
  • Clinique Mascara
  • Max & More concealer as Highlighter
  • w7 Concealer as Contouring
  • Max & More powder foundation
  • Max & More CC-cream
  • Hema eyebrow kit for shadow (Contouring)
  • MAC blush
  • Essence Lip liner 06
  • Essence Lipstick 'Oh so matte'


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